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Here is the eulogy I wrote presented at my fathers funeral April 20, 2006.

LeRoy Roy Anderson

June 29, 1915 – April 17, 2006

On behalf of my brothers Bradly Jeffrey thank you for coming to share in the celebration of our father’s life. Before I begin, we would like to acknowledge our “adopted family” in the persons of Donna Jerry Priewe and Bolormaa Bazarsad a.k.a. “Crystal”.

Donna Jerry have lived next door to our parents for many years – Jerry, in many ways, became Dad’s, “son-in-residence”.

“Crystal”, who I am certain, was sent to us from heaven, has been our parents’ caretaker.

Donna, Jerry, and Crystal have participated with us in planning this celebration.

A “Big Thank You” to the Priewe’s for all the love and kindness extended to our parents over these many years.

We are appreciative of you, Crystal, for your hard work, dedication, superb care giving skills and the love you provided to our parents – Thank you! Crystal.

We would also like to thank Dr. David Crouch for the excellent care he provided our father and the extra steps he took to support our family.

It wasn’t hard to think of a title for this eulogy “The Farm”.

Abraham Lincoln said: “ The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable living from a small piece of land”.

Alvin LeRoy Anderson, 90 years and 9 months of age at the time of his death preferred to be called “Roy”, “LeRoy” or officially as A. LeRoy Anderson.

Born in St. Paul, Minnesota, to a family of limited means, Dad was the oldest of five children born to Lena John Anderson. Life during his youth appeared to be difficult. He often shared the story of working at the Greyhound Bus depot while raising a family and attending the University of Minnesota. He received a Bachelor of Science degree on August 28, 1942, majoring in Agronomy – the study of soil and crop production.

A college degree in his generation was a huge achievement!

His education provided him the opportunity to join the Green Giant Company, where he worked his entire life, retiring at age 63.

Always on the management side of crop production, peas and corn became the seasonal influence on family life. Dad, and his wife of 68 years, our mom, Hazel, worked very hard to save their money until they could purchase their hobby farm – 120 acres located at “rural Route #2, County Hwy W”, in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.

As I was sitting in the in the “breezeway”, a.k.a. Dad’s office, I noticed the volumes of books devoted to his passion of gardening. Here are a few titles from his library that helps define Roy Anderson:

Taylor’s Encyclopedia of Gardening

The New garden book

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