Brown Wins Washington Still Doesnt Get It!

The stunning political victory of Scott Brown yesterday in the Massachusetts senate race, in my view as an independent, sends a message to the politicians in Washington. Surprisingly the airways are filled this morning with the wrong  analysis of what went wrong?  Its the economy. Its health care reform. Its jobs. Governor Ed Rendell (D), of Pennsylvania, arrogantly suggested that the Democrats just didnt explain their message in simple enough terms. Yes, dummies, you just didnt get what the elites have been telling you.

I have news for Mr. Rendell, as I have dutifully reported since last July. People, independents in particular, are fed up with business as usual translated, partisanship – in Washington DC. Back room deals on health care, closed door meetings when transparency was promised by then candidate Obama, out of control spending and Washington ignoring the desires of the populace are the planted seeds for a political tsunami come the fall elections.

The folks I talk to in my neighborhood want politicians to start working together and stop out of control spending.  Why cant they get it? The outcry that occurred at last summers town hall meetings should have been a warning.  Most of the elites chose to ignore the message and worse labeled the messengers as far out loons. Well, DEMOCRATIC Massachusetts, thanks to independents, sent a message yesterday. Heres hoping they get it this time!

Thank you Massachuttes for leading the way.

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