Obama was a President Not a King! Health Care Reform Is next!

Is it only me?
Is the country on a negative course, by changing our governmental system?

First the White House decided that there will be a whole bunch of czars, growing by the day.

Who authorized czars?  I wasnt asked, were you?

Now comes the next Obama White House power grab, to limit medicare costs .

The White House is asking Congress to give the executive branch more power to limit Medicares rising costs.

A White House letter to top lawmakers on Friday said the move would be a critical step forward in controlling health care costs and providing better care.

The proposal would allow an independent advisory board to recommend changes in Medicare reimbursement rates for doctors, hospitals and other providers. If the president approved the recommendations, Congress could still vote to reject them altogether. But Congress could not approve some recommendations and reject others.

They have rushed to reform a health care system within a few months. They rushed an economic  stimulus package, within hours, through a congress that freely admits they never had time to read it!

Obama, is a President, elected, as is the congress.

He is NOT a King!  Does he get it? Does the Congress get it?

If you are unhappy with the current political direction, as I am, you need to do something about it.  The easiest method is to write your representatives via e-mail.  You can locate your U.S. Representative HERE and your U.S Senator HERE.  Almost everyone of the representatives have provided e-mail access.

So, the situation is not unlike the lottery, if you dont purchase a ticket, you arent in the game.

Need help?  Post your concern in the comment section and I will try to do the heavy lifting for you. No strings attached!

There must be a catch? NOPE!

Just plain old citizen participation the way back to a democracy!

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